Paradox Esports

Daniel 'RBZ' Urbani

Rifler - Paradox Esports - CS:GO

RBZ is the rock of experience for the Paradox Esports CS:GO team. Site Anchor, cool, calm and collected.

Harry 'Bedonka' Hayes

In Game Leader - Paradox Esports - CS:GO

The dynamic in game leader for Paradox Esports. Bedonka is known for his aggressive tactics and confident attitude.

Luke 'Ekul' Blakey

AWPer - Paradox Esports - CS:GO

The Cult of Ekul – need we say more?

Sharvesh 'Danger' Saravanan

Rifler - Paradox Esports - CS:GO

The young up and comer. Danger has slotted well into the team and is often tasked as the entry fragger. Danger has a huge amount of potential and we are excited to see it fulfilled.

Kobi 'xertz' Wallis

Coach - Paradox Esports - CS:GO

With vast experience, Xertz is the wealth of knowledge that is continuing to push the Paradox Esports CS:GO team to new heights.

Grant 'Themes' Mason

Manager - Paradox Esports - CS:GO

Themes is the dynamic manager for Paradox Esports. He completes varying tasks from social media management through to keeping the team in line. Look out for when he also subs for the team.